Should We Continue to Explore Space?

20080924_columbiaThe world would be a whole lot different if we didn’t explore outer space. In fact, a lot of the things we take for granted would not exist without the exploration of space. But, should we explore space?  The exploration of space is full of risks. An astronaut has a life of adventure and fun, but is it really necessary?  Do we really need to send people to outer space for the sake of our technology, or are we risking lives in the process of our gains?

So, why do we need to explore space? Some of the things like cellphones, power tools, digital imaging, weathering tracking, G.P.S, robotics and solar energy would not exist if we didn’t. Take the cell phone for an example. Towers send signals to your cell phone enabling you to be able to chat with your friends. New discoveries from the astronaut’s journey to space give us the chance to think about the fact that we are all together on this planet as one.

Now there are some negatives in the exploration of space. Take Apollo 1 for example. Apollo 1 never made it to space. While it was being tested, Apollo 1 broke out in a fire and killed all three crew-members  It was here that we saw the dangers of space exploration. We also spend millions of dollars on space exploration while risking the lives of our astronauts. Another thing, which is highly unlikely, is the chance of discovering other alien life forms. Are we ready for it?

It seems like there are good and bad reasons to go to space. We would love to know everything there is to outer space, but we can’t do that without risking lives. Astronauts know of the dangers, but their desire to learn more for us drives them. Plus, with the growth of technology, sending astronauts to space is a lot safer now thanks to a lot of testing. It seems like space exploration is the way to go.

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