Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

This paper is going to talk about the dangers of cell phone and Bluetooth radiation. Cell phone radiation is a topic that most people overlook or switch to Bluetooth thinking that the Bluetooth emits less radiation. Well this is true but what about those people who are too lazy to take their Bluetooth out of their ears? Are they getting exposed to more radiation than others? When people start to talk about cell phone radiation, their audience gets really uncomfortable and eyes their cell phones warily. Then they end up either turning off their cell phones and its ends there. They never think about it ever again. But, using a cell phone does not mean death. However, using the cell phone a lot could result in brain tumor or blood cancer.

According to experts at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant, the human body itself is exposed to radiation levels every day. Even the food we eat, like bananas, are radioactive. So the average natural background radiation a human is exposed to 300 millirems of radiation per year.(A millirem is 1/1000th of a rem.)(Exelon, 2011) This doesn’t seem to bad, does it? So, why are we freaking out over this? Well, our generation tends to go over the  “average human radiation”. We use our devices more than the average human and we definitely watch more T.V than the average human. According to some experts from Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant you can either get an acute amount of radiation or the same amount over time. If you get an acute amount of radiation you can die or suffer death of cancer. So, by getting the amount of radiation over time, we do have to worry over that as much. (Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant)

According to Cell Phones and Children: Follow the Precautionary Road, children 10 and under should not use cell phones. This is because your brain is still developing. Children shouldn’t be exposed to this radiation if there are a suspicion that brain tumor may occur. As cell phones make and take calls, they emit low levels of RF radiation. Radiation exposures are higher for children than adults because children have thinner skulls, and their brains have higher ion content. Higher exposure combined with sensitive, developing brain tissue leave children at a greater risk for cell phone radiation (Environment Working Group, 2009). A child’s brain absorbs twice the amount of radiation compared to that of an adult. So, an idea would to let children use cell phones after they turn ten. (Cell Phones and Children: Follow the Precautionary Road, 2013)

Another way to avoid the radiation meltdown is not to use your cell phone when it tells you that you have a couple bars. Less bars mean more radiation. This is because your phone is working twice as hard to connect to the servers. This means that the cell phone is trying to connect to multiple different towers and keeps switching. This switching motion causes radiation. Phones also emit more radiation when transmitting than when receiving. So, to solve this issue, people should try not to use their phones in elevators and moving objects.(Limit the Dangers of Cellphone Radiation, 2011)

Cell phones are dangerous and they can lead to many medical diseases. The most popular one being brain tumor. This is the primary concern for cell phones. According to the American Cancer Society, the radio frequency (RF) waves from cell phones mostly come from the antenna which, in this case, is the body of the phone. The waves are the most radioactive at the antenna and quickly lose energy as they travel away from the cell phone. The phone is held against the side of the head, unless it is on speaker, and because of this, people are exposed to more radioactivity in the brain. This also means that the body tissues closest to the phone absorb the most energy while the tissues farther away are exposed to less.(American Cancer Society, 2012)

Children have thinner skulls than adults and therefore are more prone to radiation. A few symptoms of cell phone radiation is sleep disorders, headaches and hyperactivity and other behavioral problems. Plus, kids have a higher risk of brain tumor with excessive use of cell phones. Some schools have banned the use of wifi because of danger of radiation. They are afraid that the amount of radiation will affect their brain and study habits.

Materials and Methods

Research Method

For this experiment, I will use the survey method. This is because this would be the easiest way to conduct the experiment. Some of the questions that I would use for this experiment would be like, “How long do you use your cell phone?” and “Do you use it more for texting or making calls?” From these questions I can determine the amount of time that the person uses the cell phone. From what type of phone they use, I can figure of the amount of radiation that the person gets. I am still deciding if this will be digital, telephone or face to face.

Protocol and Instrumentation

For this experiment, I will need to make a questionnaire to collect data. I will have people choose an option and keep track of the answers.


This is a low cost experiment. For this experiment I will need paper, a Printer, and a pen.

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