Poems of Pi

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Piscine Molitor Patel or Pi, a strong believer in God finds himself having to move from his home in India to the unknown place of Canada. However, tragedy strikes and Pi ends up being shipwrecked, alone on a boat. Or so he thought. Pi soon finds himself on the boat with a few animals: a zebra, a hyena, Orange Juice (a orangutan) and Richard Parker (a tiger.) As time goes on Pi and Richard Parker must learn to trust each other in able to survive. Life of Pi is the story of a boy and a tiger trapped on a boat for over a month. It’s a story filled with adventure and friendship with a little bit of uncertainty and mystery. It’s everything that is wanted in a novel.

In this book, I have taken the well known story of Pi Patel and turned it into a series of poems. Most of the poems are from the point of view of Pi, the main character in the novel, but two of them are from the storyteller’s point of view. For types of poems, most of them are free verse poems but there also are haikus, couplets, diamantes, and ABAB poem. I hope you’ll enjoy this retelling of Life of Pi in the form of poems.

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