Field Trip to the Constitution Center

241834_10151268183183236_932932064_oWe woke up early in the morning to leave for the Constitution Center. The drive was long and quite boring. But we still were there earlier than needed. When we finally got there the lady gave us our pamphlets for the tour and gave us some background about it. Then she told us to wait by the Arizona flag for the rest of our group. While we were up there we saw the bronze statues of all of the people who signed the constitution. We decided that we had enough time to take some pictures with them. I took a picture with Benjamin Franklin and even signed the Constitution myself! Ok, it was just a book that said sign the Constitution but still!

After that we took a trip to the White House, virtually. The objective of the trip to the White House presentation was to teach us that behind every good President, there are many other people. We got to see some ad campaigns and everyone in the room really enjoyed the “I like Ike” campaign. Part of the learning process of how a president is selected was having two candidates to run for the two political parties. I was a candidate for one of the parties! My slogan was “My name is Anmol and I’m with team yellow, and our goal is to bring happiness to every American fellow.” The guy for the Orange party, the opposing party’s slogan was “Taste the rainbows.”  Our party lost 14-19. Seriously, I mean really, what is this world coming to?! But, in my defense I do have to say that with the exception of my brother and mother, everybody who was voting was from the same homeschooling group, so I think I did well.

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